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Christ Mertz Lutheran Church, Dryville has had a passion for this region of the “new world” since the days of the earliest settlers. Dating back to 1735, German-speaking immigrants worshipped in this area along Bieber’s Creek in the hills of Berks County presently known as the village of Dryville.

Shortly after immigrant Henry Mertz took over a warrant – otherwise known as deeded land – for two hundred acres of land on October 28, 1746, he designated a portion of that land to be “God’s Acres;” a burial ground, a cemetery.

History | Christ Mertz Lutheran Church

The settlers of this area built a log structure and roofed in by the Fall of 1747. At that time, their spiritual leader was the Rev. Tobias Wagner. With the threat of the French and Indian war looming, the little log church was not completed until twelve years later in 1759. Following the war, a second church structure was built in 1764 while the Rev. Johann Helfrich Schaum was the pastor. The growing worshipping community remained in that structure until it no longer could withstand the burgeoning congregation. It was determined that a third church structure needed to be built in 1798. The present stone and stucco structure was erected in 1915.

The education wing was added in 1964 to accommodate the growth of families with young children. In August 1998, Christ Church Children’s Center began its ministry to children and families in the region. Mostly recently in 2018, the congregation completed a renovation to its present campus that will serve the congregation and community for years to come.

In August 2020, the congregation of Christ Mertz Lutheran Church issued a call to the Rev. Martin Milne to be the pastor. Having been served by excellent and faithful pastors, we trust Pastor Milne will follow in those esteemed footsteps.

Although rooted in Dryville PA, the congregation is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; a constellation of 4.8 million believers in all 50 states and territories.

Along with our long history, the people of Christ Mertz continue to look forward in order to discern the ways God is calling us to minister in this time and place. To the children and their families of our childcare to missionary work in Haiti, we hope and pray that our Lord will continue to bless our efforts and use us to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.

From the settlers along Beiber’s Creek to those who gather now in this place and time, God continues to call people to this place for the sake of the Gospel. And it is to this that we go.

Christ (Mertz) Lutheran Church

The community of Christ Mertz Lutheran Church prioritizes always reaching out to our surrounding community. With its faith in Jesus Christ, a helping hand to those in need, and being part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, we are able to help beyond our borders. We continue to look forward and pray that God blesses our efforts and uses us to proclaim the Good News. Just as those settlers, our ancestors strived to do so many years ago.


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