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The special music, in place of the responsive psalm, is “I am Jesus’ Little Lamb.”
Text: Henrietta L. von Hayn, 1724-1782
Tune: Choralbuch…Bruder-Gemeinen, Leipzig, 1784
Arr: Koiné – The Vine; track 1

“A friend tells the story of her grandfather, a faithful man who earned a modest income. Each year when tax time rolled around, he was audited. According to tax records he earned so little and gave away so much. The astounded auditors questioned him, wondering why he gave so much of his income to the church. Incredulous, he responded, ‘You can’t outgive God.’

The Good Shepherd lays down his life for the sheep, and joined to the risen life of Christ, the lives of the baptized are shaped by generosity and sacrifice. Giving one’s life, resources, gifts, or whatever one holds most dear for the sake of another is both a witness to the love we have first been shown and an act of faith. Hearing Jesus’ words in this Easter season reminds us that laying down one’s life is not an act to be feared; rather, it is an act that defies death, as we trust that, washed in the waters of baptism, we already live in the resurrected life of Christ.”

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